Thursday, December 17, 2009

DBSK International Fans WWW Project

From the co-ordinator of

DBSK International Fansong Project 2009

(yes, the very one Yoochun said they had seen!)


Hi all,

I’ve had a new video concept for a while and have been hesitating to do it but I guess now’s the time given the recent occurrences. This is brand new project entitled “DBSK International Fans WWW Project".

WWW actually stands for “We Will Wait”. It represents that we will wait for them to come back, hopefully as five, while they take this time out to sort out their matters.


What will this video be about?

Along with something else in front, the main part of this video will consist of fans holding a sign with the words “We will wait for you” in Korean while saying the same words in your native language taken against a background which shows your country. Please try to participate and give a REAL INTERNATIONAL representation for this video!

How do we get involved?

If you wish to take part, please do the following:
1) Email with your name, estimated number of people in your video entry and country by 20th December 2009, Sunday to register. Please register only if you do wish to submit. I had quite a few people who registered and never submitted their videos for the last project.

2) Once you have registered, take the video by ensuring that you…
i) Write the words “기다릴게요” on a sign/paper/banner no smaller than A4 size. You can make it bigger to enable it to be seen clearly.
ii) Find a place with a background that would represent your country. It can be a landmark or a street sign in your
country’s language, for example.
iii) Hold the sign and say the words “We will wait for you” in your country’s native language clearly in a normal speed as you take the video. Try not to rush through it.
iv) Send the video to with your name and country on the file name using yousendit or mediafire by 23 December 2009, Wednesday. If you need to submit the video beyond this date for very exceptional and special reasons, you can let me know.

3) Important things to take note:
i) Please make sure you register. A maximum of 1-2 entries will be used per country or major city so please register early.
ii) Group entries will be preferred over individual entries but you are welcomed to submit as an individual.
iii) Entries will be selected based on video AND audio clarity so please check your video before sending it in. Make sure that you can be SEEN and HEARD clearly. While I cannot guarantee that your clip will be used, be assured that I’ll do my best to fit everyone in.
iv) Please send your video in a format that can be opened and edited by Windows Movie Maker.
v) You are welcomed to wear and/or hold your own club tees or DBSK merchandise but please ensure that you have the sign required. Any videos with inappropriate behaviour will not be used.

Will DBSK see this video?

I’m afraid that I cannot guarantee if they will see it. If we help each other and get the word out, they might see it. I’ll do my best so let’s just try our best ok? Hopefully, Yoochun sees it again hahaha :)

For clarifications/enquiries, please email

Thank you~

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

In Light of Recent Events

With all that has been happening concerning our boys, doubt and confusion have proved breeding grounds for rumor and misinformation. Sensationalist news sites blow minor details out of proportion in hopes of boosting their readership, feeding off the fears of fans.

It is our job as Cassiopeians now to be strong: for six years our boys have dedicated their lives to us, and we have always searched for things to do in return. Gifts, messages of love--these are all nice tokens, but now is when it really matters: now is when we must show our support and love for those who have done so much for us. It is easy to be disheartened but it is important to stay strong.


I saw a poster on the wall of a bookstore:
“one is not half of two.”
It explained that instead are two halves of one.
Just so, then, aren't five her fifths?
Cassiopeia makes us fractions who were whole
by making the whole not us each but us all

Whoever said one was lonely
didn't know one in all her forms.
For this is not math: this is love.
Math has limits: love has none.
Math treats numbers; it tallies and proves.
Love treats kindly the hearts it rules,
and to love the only number is one:
one person, one couple—one TVXQ!—
and empty therefore are the fractions thereof...
Fourth fifths,
Three fifths,
Two fifths—no:
the fraction can mean nothing without the whole

I saw a translation of an official statement:
“We trust only the words that come from their mouths.”
It was talking about our boys.
"Even if their words aren't true?"
I could imagine all manner of people
writing this contemptuously.

Whoever would think such a thought
does not know the meaning of "true"
True blue, true love, true to the end:
all the loyalty of lovers and friends!
For six years our boys have been true to their fans:
now it's our duty to be true to them.

The responsibility for truth lies with you,
with me,
with all who read these words and feel their weight:
The words from their mouths are, “Always keep the faith!”

Be then no fair-weather friends
who renounce allegiance when conflict pends!
Faithful be who have still faith,
but those will lose heart who let it fade.
So spread not rumors, nor propagate lies,
nor filtered facts that information hide—
for these are where the true untruths dwell:
in the trusting of words trusted mouths did not tell.

TVXQ forever fighting, always keep the faith in five!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Lesser Stars of Cassiopeia present . . .

This video was made some time ago for the Seoul Infinite Dream Contest--before all the scandal broke out. It features Wasur3naid3 and I--along with our friend Gayatri on vocals and flute, though not in the video because her parents said no.

There are two other videos that need some reworking before we upload them here, but hopefully that will happen over the break. In any case, here is our instrumental and vocal cover of the Chinese version of Little White Boat (Changmin's solo at Miroticon):

(The Lesser Stars of Cassiopeia is the name of our fan performance group: the constellation Cassiopeia has five main stars, but there are other, dimmer, smaller, or lesser-known stars that fall within its bounds and aren't a part of its W shape. We are these stars--within the constellation but not a part of the asterism.)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

[GRAPHICS] 30 Icons, 10 Signatures, & 1 Wallpaper

Haven't posted in a while XD
Anyways, here you go guys~~

Icons :

Signatures :

Wallpaper :

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Been So Long

Well, it's been awhile since I've posted anything--school is keeping me super busy. In light of recent events, however, here is a couple of photos of the message of hope Wasur3naid3 scrawled on my hand while we were watching TSC and HTTG in the school computer lab.

Several nonfans have commented on it, and it makes me smile every time I see it. If I ever got a real tattoo, it would certainly be something like this. Though probably not on my hand.

Monday, August 17, 2009

[GRAPHICS] Random DBSK Artworks~

I haven't posted in a while! haha XD
Here's some random artworks~ some I've made for DBSKnights and some are just old artworks :)
Note : Visitors, if you guys are using this anywhere, you need to CREDIT ME!

Wallpapers ;

o1 | o2 | o3 | o4 | o5 | o6 | o7 | o8 | o9 | 1o | 11

Blends ;

o1 | o2 | o3 | o4 | o5 | o6 | o7 | o8

Icons ;

Forum Signatures ;

Cellphone Wallpapers ;