Saturday, July 11, 2009

Never Eat Soggy Waffles, gaiz

There is a reason I don't make graphics for a living, and it's not because I don't have ideas.

You are free to use the graphics or the ideas anywhere, as long as you don't hotlink.
And as a special treat, here is a sort-of-poem-but-not-really about DBSK's manifest destiny throughout the four corners of the globe! It doesn't really have any rhythm, but I just had to write it down.

Manifest Destiny, Rising God style

North--for the hemisphere in which our constellation can always be seen
South--the direction of fire and of the color red
East--the direction from which our Gods rise with the Rising Sun
West--represented by the 'W' traced in the northern sky by our constellation's five red stars.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Secret Code Dome Pamphlet Collage

While getting my daily dose of obsession, I found pictures from the Secret Code Dome Pamphlet! These pictures captured particular moments that I don't want to waste... So, I made a collage!

Yea... and I unintentionally made a Yunjae/Jaeho one! hehe! Or maybe my subconscious was guiding me to make this!

Tokyo Dome: Secret Code Fanart

As you all know, Tokyo Dome concerts have already concluded, and it was a huge success!

I love seeing their happy faces... that's why I have another fan art to share!

Original Pic:

Fan Art:

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Tokyo Dome: Secret Code Scrapbook

This is a day worth celebrating!!! I'm so PROUD (song reference) of these boys!!! I heard the stadium was filled, and the boys couldn't hold back their tears (except for... Jae... who forgot the lyrics in LITI??! crazy!!)

I'd like to say, Colours was AMAZING! SOULMATE!!! its so pretty!! can't believe its for... Hello Kitty theme song?! haha! I love it though! and I can't wait to see more videos!!

Here are some scrapbook pages I made for the boys (these are not in any particular order... except the first one!):

I'll be uploading more soon!!! keep checking for new ones!

Between "the dawn's early light" and "the twilight's last gleaming" there rises the Moon

Happy Fourth of July!
Now, I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free. And I won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me.
BUT I'd rather celebrate music than war! So here are two poems I wrote commemorating this momentous occasion and the realization of our boys' dreams with today's Tokyo Dome performance. Please feel free to leave feedback and expand my vocabulary so I stop describing everything the boys do as momentous.
(P.S. if you don't get the first poem then either you fail as an American or I fail as a writer--more likely the latter.)

A New Reason for Roman Candles

Today we commemorate a momentous event
in the history of the world:
when a small band of brave men
who had crossed an ocean and conquered new horizons,
who had survived setbacks of all sorts and sizes,
took their destinies into their own hands
and claimed victory against all odds.

Today while we explode bright colors to remember
bombs dodged by our forefathers in the heat of battle,
I will take the bloodstained red of fireworks and flag
and twirl them around me in jubilant pride
to remember the day
when a small band of gifted men
achieved that dream for which they fought
and which they earned with sweat and blood
in the home of brave and the land of Rising Sun:
Freedom? No—Tokyo Dome.

And now a bonus song parody:

Star Spangled Boys
(to be sung to the tune of the Star Spangled Banner)

Oh say can you spot through the sea of red light
those whom we loved from our first introduction?
Whose sweet sound and hard work thru their climb to the top
made us all fall in love and secured them their spot?
Now the stage lights will flare as cheers rise on the air
giving proof to the world that our boys made it there!
Oh say do those five stars of red forever gleam
o'er the heads of five men as they live their life's dream?

Thank you for reading my commemorative poems.
Congratulations, TVXQ, for acheiving your goal!

(Proud to be an American lyrics (c) Lee Greenwood)

The Secret Code Wallpapers for the 4th~

Hello everyone! ^^
I wanted to post these wallpapers earlier but Wasur3naid3 told me to post on July 4th~
Simply because today DBSK performs at Tokyo Dome!! Yay!! =D
Sooo proud of our boys!! :)

Hehe! Very simply, but hope you guys like it! ^^
Happy 4th of July!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Stand By You

As everyone must know, DBSK's new single Stand By You releases July 1st, which is today... at least in America.

So... here is my Stand By You fan art...

Original picture:

... my sad attempt:

I tried!!!

... anyhow... I love this song written/composed by talented Junsu!
Even though this single placed 2nd on Oricon charts, it was only because they were going against Arashi's Everything.
I believe they did very well!! DBSK FIGHTING!!

*EDIT* HAHAHA!!! SCRATCH THAT!!! STAND BY YOU IS NOW ORICON #1!!!!! BEAT THAT ARASHI!!! JK!! hehe! I'm so freaking happy for DBSK!!!