Monday, June 22, 2009

1 year anniversary!!

Exactly a year ago today, was the very day I feel deeply in love with Jaejoong, and DBSK as a whole. Funny thing is, that wasn't the first time I was introduced to this awesome group. Actually, before that day, whenever I saw their pictures, I thought they were ugly! I know... seriously I have no idea what I was thinking!!! How can I say that about these absolutely perfect... Gods?! haha!

Anyhow, to celebrate the day I have been enlightened with wonders of these 5 Rising Gods, I'm here to share my first piece using prismacolors.

Original Pic:

Fan Art:

*these are different versions of the same sketch... only difference is the view the camera captured... the first one is more zoomed in.
** I did have to add a little in... because my sketchbook page is wider than what would fit for the actual picture.

... Oh boy... Jae's just... too... PERFECT!!!
Glad I finally realized that a year ago!!
So a year ago today, was the day I fell in love with this boy... and like most fangirls, I dream of having him as MINE... someday in the near... or far... future!

Anyhow, DBSK is absolutely amazing (as everyone know already)... so... DBSK FIGHTING!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


As my gift for Yoochun Oppa for his 23rd (or 24th in Korea) birthday, I hereby present the first fan art posted on this blog dedicated to him!

Original Picture:

My Sketch:

Here's a Jaejoong fan art I completed 2 days ago (on my birthday):

Original Picture:

My Sketch:

Forgive me if these sketches does not do these boys justice... (but its kinda hard to do them enough justice when they are so perfect!!! ... or maybe I'm just not a good enough artist yet... I WONT GIVE UP THOUGH!! FIGHTING!)