Thursday, February 18, 2010

JaeHoMin Birthday Post!

A sudden test was sprung on me and compounded with some other things kind of ate away my time, so here is a late joint birthday post for our three favorite Aquarii!

First, here is the Jaejoong pic I promised—that should please both Jaejoong and Yunho ;)

Jaejoong Drawing

Obviously, the right half is my work…

For Changmin, I have a lame poem. Sorry, but it’s the only one I’ve got right now that’s exclusively about him…

To My Allusive Dream of You

How can I hope to win you by looks?
I can see your eyes:
they are made of glass.
The man who blew them
thought to imitate
wildflowers amid the grass,
but filling them with living fire
he burnt them brown
and found this more brilliant
than color itself, and all other shades
falling before them
fell for them
consumed by the fire they made.
But, superior, all advances they spurn,
all colors they burn to hue-less gray
by the fire they make.

They turn instead to the colors
they can show the ears with
air and not with fire.

But how can I hope to win you by sounds?
I can hear your voice:
it is shattered glass.
The note that broke it
thought to avenge
the flowers you turned back,
but swept by the singing wind
they chimed sweet sounds
and pierced the hearts of all around,
and mine
beating against it
sang with it
moved by the currents that swept the shards.
They pierce my soul, bright and sharp;
and hook my heart. Those currents fan the flames.

But my own voice would only taint
the perfect note yours has made.

And fire would but die with water,
wind be but turned back by earth;
If I cannot win you by the senses
I must seduce you with my words.

Perhaps if you could read them
you would laugh at such a thought—
but I'd like to think if I could make you
feel them, rather, you would not...


On a finishing note, Wasur3naid3 and I recently participated in the We Believe Project, hosted by Phoenix (TVXQ’s unofficial European fanclub) and 5GOE. You can watch the final video in the link; below is a sort of mashup of the videos we made for the project, plus goofing off at the beginning and end.

In closing:

<bias> HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHANGMIN!! <3 </bias>