Thursday, January 28, 2010

300,000 Videos and Happy Late Birthday!

I wanted to post a drawing of Jaejoong for his birthday, but my roommate’s scanner won’t scan to my computer—so that will have to wait till the weekend when can use my scanner at home. But just so you know we didn’t forget,

HAPPY (belated, as usual) 24th/25th BIRTHDAY, KIM JAEJOONG!(Your picture will be up presently. ^^;)

Now on to the next item of business:

I’m sure many of you have already seen this video, but I just wanted to help spread the news:

300,000 videos to cheer TVXQ !

this campaign has started on this website→韓国芸能物語~by Song
Please follow these rules!
(1) Before you give your message to TVXQ, please say ”this is one of 300,000 videos to cheer TVXQ !!!”
(2) Make it 3 minutes or under.
(3) Title of your video should be “300,000 videos to cheer TVXQ”
(4) Copy this and add to tags.→東方神起30万動画UP大作戦
(5) Choose “entertainment” category.
(6) Please do not use any images infringing copyright.

(credit for these instructions goes to oneTVXQ, where I found them.)

I just recently finished my own (the audio is a little weak, so you will probably have to turn it up to hear) and I hope every fan that reads this will follow suit:

The Neomyth

The new myth of Cassiopeia
brings our heroes now to make their choice:
they are the Gods the Queen once scorned
with misplaced vanity in her voice.
Now repenting, her skeleton of stars
in the sky above flushes red as Mars
as she sees the astronomical mistake
that in praising her beauty o'er theirs she did make.

She reveres now and loves them as is her place—
And through their journey gives them aid
as they seek the greatness that is their fate.

Because now you, these heroes, like all on such roads
have reached—or yet crossed!—the thresh hold of “known”
and are come to the trials you must pass to grow.

So, New Gods Rising in the East,
rivals of Apollo who shares your path:
Outdo him—even in the skills he made!—
as you do the sun his car draws aft.
Surpass that sun with the stars by your side,
and be the power that gives us life:
rising in the East, setting in the West,
spreading light to the North and South you pass—

or become at least your very best.
Though the sun shone brighter we would love you better,
more luminous in our eyes than can light express.

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