Tuesday, January 19, 2010

YouTube Channel and All About International Cassiopeia

Cassiopeian Moon (that is, Wasur3naid3 and I) have recently revamped our YouTube channel—which basically just involved uploading all the projects we have recorded to date. We are still working on subtitling some of the material, however. We should be posting all uploaded videos to the blog as well—but all in due time. On that note, here is one of our most recent uploads with some context.


This video was made for and submitted to the All About International Cassiopeia Project hosted by O! (inspired by the AADBSK series). I would highly recommend all of these videos (clicking on the title will take you to the YouTube playlist—there are 13 videos of 10 minutes each). I’ve almost finished watching them, and never cease to be amazed by how talented Cassiopeians are—it must have something to do with the quality of their source material, don’t you think? ^o~

Our clip is featured in the 5th video, at about 6:35
I am also in the 11th video, talking about what TVXQ means to me, starting at about 3:00

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