Friday, August 20, 2010


Wasur3naid3 and I sung a segment from the song “W,” which was originally performed by JYJ in their recent concert, for a fanproject. Unfortunately, the video with the project instructions has been removed from YouTube due to copyright infringement (it featured a performance of “W” with English and Spanish subs), so I don’t know if the project is still ongoing or not. If it is, I should be able to post the completed project here later. For now, though, here’s our video:


1 comment:

  1. kunjungan sob ..
    mau bagi-bagi kalimat motivasi sob ..
    "ada kalanya cahaya dalam hidup kita padam namun di nyalakan kembali oleh seseorang.
    setiap dari kita berutang terima kasih yang terdalam bagi mereka yang menyalakan kembali cahaya kita."
    kunjungan balik ya sob .. :)